Why We Love Videos

Maria Aguilar

Digital Communications, The Peregrine Agency Ltd.

We love blogs and we are avid readers. We think a well designed, well branded infographic or white paper is also great. But there’s something about videos that we find so much more fun and they are definitely a more personable way to present some of our information.

Not to mention that Canadians, along with the rest of the world, also love video. While doing some research, I came across some very interesting (but not surprising) information. According to ComScore, a marketing-research company that specializes in measuring digital activity, Canada is one of the world’s largest users of video. In fact, a 2011 report cited 71 per cent of Canadian Internet users, or 17.6 million people visit YouTube every month.

Behind-the-Scenes #COLive Episode #09

You see, since we are in the business of creating value through an aligned business event portfolio, we understand more than anyone how important connecting and communicating truly is. It’s no secret that face -to-face communication will always be the most important, but interactive media, like video, can deliver the message almost as clearly as face-to-face can. Video also allows us to go back and review some of the key messages in the conversations that happen in our interviews, such as the  one on How To Build More Effective Customer Relationships? as pictured above.

We realize that even in a complex business environment, the need for simple storytelling has not changed over the years. Technology advancements and social networks have just made it way more accessible.

Lastly and perhaps more importantly… people love people – it’s human nature.

Our guests and host on #COLive aren’t professional television personalities – instead, they are real people offering their expertise and counsel to other forward-looking thinkers.

Hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes tidbit here at The Agency. What are some of the best uses for online video that you’ve seen lately? Is your organization utilizing online video? We love to hear about innovative ways to use our favourite medium, so please drop us a comment!

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