Strategic Event Alignment©

What Our Clients Are Saying…

‘Your expertise and insights could provide us with greater success in building our business.’

‘This has been an enlightening process.’

‘I found the call incredibly insightful and productive.’

What We Do

At The Peregrine Agency we see a gap in the market place between how an event portfolio is perceived and managed and the actual value it creates for corporate leaders and their organizations. We exist to challenge this perception.

We believe an aligned event portfolio can help corporate leaders create long-term business value and profit. We believe an aligned event portfolio  can help corporate leaders:

    • Listen, empower and engage all stakeholders
    • Co-evolve meaningful conversations that produce positive outcomes
    • Grow trust and share knowledge

Our Agency’s Framework, Strategic Event Alignment©, analyzes the effectiveness and efficiency of an organization’s portfolio of events to determine the business value it drives.

Similar to what a financial advisor does we provide counsel, assessment and strategy on event portfolio alignment to corporate clients globally. We:

      • Identify the type of business value the event portfolio is creating
      • Identify and show how to drive intangible results that produce tangible returns
      • Determine appropriate business event investment allocation

Strategic Event Alignment© assesses two key areas of an organization’s event portfolio:

Event Effectiveness (outputs) – how an event portfolio fits in with an organization’s overall strategy and goals for the purpose of creating value:

        • Align (Event Portfolio with Business Goals)
        • Measure (Value Creation)
        • Design (Content and Physical Space)

Event Efficiency (inputs) – is about integrating a flexible process that helps organizations deliver business events more efficiently, capture vendor data, mitigate risk and contain travel cost:

        • Communications
        • Change Management
        • Policies
        • Procedures
        • Technology Evaluation
        • Sustainability Plan


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