A Come-To-Jesus Moment

WOW…what a huge opportunity, Bill McDermott, CEO SAP, created for Business Events 2.0 (BE2.0)! In this 5 minute video McDermott challenged CEOs’ perceptions about BE2.0 and encouraged the business world and event community to think about events in a whole new way. From:

• Costs to investment.
• Transactions to transformation.
• Efficiency to effectiveness.
• Travel components to a leader’s investment in organisational growth.

I couldn’t agree with McDermott more. In fact, BE2.0 as a leadership and business enabler has been my mantra for 15+ years. Ask anyone who has heard me, over the years, rave about opportunities to engage CEOs, and rant when folks failed to capitalised on the opportunity to its fullest potential. And if you’ve missed any of my sermons on this topic, check out my CEO’s BFF blog and other posts on our site.

Here’s what has me stoked about what McDermott said.

For the first time in my 25+ years, as an Engagement and Event Strategist, a forward-looking CEO, unequivocally confirms that BE2.0 drive business value. In a nutshell SAP’s event portfolio is enlisted in the process of creating the right growth strategy and market-creating opportunities McDermott exacts.

This folks IS a game-changer on many levels. After meandering and searching for an identity and purpose for two decades, BE2.0 have an opportunity to move beyond travel and be seen and used as a leadership tool for the purpose of driving business growth.

While McDermott is cognisant of the travel components used to design an efficient and effective event, he is focused on the results (outputs) BE2.0 create. In other words the travel components contribute to the ‘event pageantry and movement’ and are not the reason BE2.0 are important to McDermott and most CEOs.

This is a small shift and a significant one at the same time to change the conversation and elevate it to where a CEO will say, ‘okay I’m listening…now tell me more’. The more, at this stage, has little to do with travel components and everything to do with how BE2.0 can unleash and harvest, the collective knowledge at any event, to move the organization forward more rapidly, at a lower cost with less risk and uncertainty.

Can you see why I’m stoked?


Value Is Not A One Size Fits All Proposition

Every so often I pick up an event trade publication to see what’s going on. (Side bar: I left the Meeting & Event Community (Community) in 2006 to co-evolve a Value Creation Framework for c-level executives. We are now introducing the Butterfly Edge© Framework to corporations and planning organisations.) Recently on one such occasion I read Meetings + Incentive Travel (M&IT), a Canadian trade publication, announced its ‘2014 editorial agenda will include a good, hard look at questions about value.’  For the record my intention here is not to single out M⁢ proving event value is frequently covered by all trade publications.

Reading this got me asking my own questions.  For instance, why hasn’t the Community figured this out already? Value Creation, value validation, ROI and ROE, whatever you want to call it, has been a HUGE white elephant in the Community’s room for decades. One would think the Community would have figured out its value proposition by now. Could one of the reason it hasn’t, be the result of what we don’t know can’t hurt us kind of thinking.

images5TQ75HFYIt has always been my belief the Community has no interest to take a good hard look at itself and how it fits into the changes taking place around it. Why?  In a nutshell it’s not in the best interest of its key stakeholders. For a decade I’ve written (extensively) right here in this blog, in MacLean’s and Canadian Business and in my M&IT columns (The Last Word, Open Channel and The Provocateur) about emergent opportunities and changes the Community faces.

So why (in 2014) is the Community talking about proving value…again?

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How To Prospect And Learn What Matters The Most To Grow Business

The acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force of our lives. We work to better ourselves and the rest of humanity. – Captain Jean-Luc Picard, US Enterprise, 24th Century.

Let’s be honest. The 21st century is built on making money first and lots of it. To hear business leaders say something so radical today and follow through with it is probably not going to happen. It’s only after we’ve acquired enough wealth (whatever that may look like) do we consider doing something drastically different like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates et al are doing. Hmmm…did they pinch the idea from Captain Picard?


What if the thinking that got us here can’t get us to where the world is going to go next? In my last post I wrote about how preconceived notions and strongly held beliefs is an impediment to the co-evolution of business, to the next level of sustainable growth, in today’s complex and uncertain market.

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Mention Business Events 2.0 to a CEO and watch his eyes glaze over. There aren’t any statistics (I could find) that tell us if c-level executives:

  • link the richer source of knowledge (from Business Events 2.0) back to business strategy to grow business;
  • continuously assess the value Business Events 2.0 (BE2.0) create against business goals; and
  • are involved in the decision-making of BE2.0 relevant to pulling forward-looking business knowledge.

If there were stats on this I’d wager the percentage would be in the low single digits. Continue reading

Wrapping Up 2013!

When we stopped publishing Open Channel (our monthly resource for today’s forward-looking leaders and organisations) in December 2012 we set out to co-evolve and inspire purposeful and (even more) meaningful conversations on a more interactive platform. The Peregrine Agency Blog (yes, this blog) is that platform.

Our purpose then, now and forward-looking remains unchanged:

 ‘Everything we do we believe is about your need and perspective as Leaders. We believe in co-evolving richer intelligence; value creation; and growing your business. We believe purposeful and richer source of knowledge, enabled by business event portfolios, aligns your organization with its top priories and drives targeted measurable business results.’

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Guest Services Agent Needed To Win!

It all started when I was informed, by the Monte Carlo Inn Guest Services Agent, a credit card hold was required to cover an extended stay (2-3 weeks) I was arranging on behalf of my parents.

The exchange at the hotel went like this:

Me: Why is that? To the credit card hold.

Agent #2: It’s our policy.

Me: That’s a significant amount ($1,400) to hold on a credit card. Can we agree on something that is mutually accommodating?

Agent #2: No. Wow…not even an attempt to offer a compromise.

Me: I would like to speak with the General Manager.

Agent #2: One moment. Walks away.

Enter Guest Services Agent #3 (Who I’ll call Debbie Downer). The first clue that this exchange was not going to go well was her body language. It said…bring it! Continue reading